Prospect Heights, Molly M. Caldwell, 2014

Prospect Heights, Molly M. Caldwell, 2014



Molly Caldwell has been working as a full time Real Estate Broker in New York City since 2003. First with the big brokerages, and now on her own.  She has helped many people successfully sell their co-ops, condos, and houses – she hopes you’ll be just as satisfied.


Loving what you do reflects on the people you interact with and the job well done. This passion for helping others underlies all aspects of the selling process.


When you schedule a complimentary assessment of your property, we'll discuss and customize your specific selling and marketing needs . 

  • ONLINE:  Online advertising is key to successfully marketing your home. With the majority of buyers using the internet as their first contact with an agent, listing sites such as Street Easy and Property Shark as well as social media advertising is essential to showcasing your property.
  • PRINT:  The power of print advertising is as strong as ever.  Full color hand-out materials and mailings stimulate potential buyer interest. 
  • VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHY:  HD Photos and video tours highlight you property's best features.  These run on all online advertising as well as social media sites.
  • OPEN HOUSE TECHNOLOGY: Using a digital sign in system enables us to track attendees, get feedback, send immediate information about the neighborhood and property.


Properties for sale need to look their best. It is crucial to prepare a house or condo for viewings as the first impression is your best chance at grabbing the hearts of buyers. Staging advice is part of the basic services provided to all sellers.


In order to provide a top-tier service, it is crucial for all professionals to continually educate and improve themselves. The more a Broker knows about the real estate market, the better the service to our clients. Examples of recent courses completed are Marketing to Millennials, Property investment I & II, The Law of Agency and Fair Housing.